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I tried to be different and all I got was this crappy website!

Back in high school and throughout most of my University career, I’ve always thought that personal blogs were dumb. Who in their right mind would care what I was up to? It wasn’t until I started interning at Mozilla that my views started to shift. I began seeing them as tools to communicate new ideas and elicit feedback from anyone interested in what you have to say. It also wasn’t until I started interning at Mozilla that I realized that I actually might have something interesting to say. So here I am, creating a blog with one month left in my second internship. Too little too late? Maybe, but I have to start at some point.

This website is created with Django, and the blogging engine is using the django-articles project. While django-articles is an awesome little app that has saved me tons of time (and I’d highly recommend it), there is one question that I keep asking myself. Why didn’t I just use wordpress? I could have been done in a matter of hours instead of days, I’d have more features at my disposal and I could probably find a better theme for my site as I am most definitely not a designer. One theory that I have is that I’m a masochist. But I think it may be some combination of the following:

  • Personal learning
  • Django experience as my group and I are using it for a school project
  • Complete control over every aspect of the site
  • It was kind of fun
  • Wordpress is popular and I’m a wannabe hipster

Anyway, this website is still very much under construction and I know there are many parts that aren’t finished yet (for example it looks like crap if your browser doesn’t support border-radius). I hope to clean it up a bit and add some meaningful content in the next month or so.